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Completely obsessed with Instagram, Twitter and all things social media, collector of lipsticks, and learner of filling in her eye brows.

I am addicted to make up, coffee, and thrifting! and cats, don't forget the cats! other than that I breed parrots as a hobby, have 1 rabbit, 4 pet parrots, 3 guinea pigs, and one male creature so you might just say that I am the crazy animal lady in this neck of the woods! And this neck of the woods is in Melbourne/Australia.

I am a student who hasfinished her high school degree and am starting my next chapter in my new course in becoming a Librarian, so I believe that you are never too old! and I am a retail assistant manager in a thrift store, so I am passionate about charities, fund raising, being environmentally aware and economically forward thinking. I also love wine and food, and consider myself as a bit of a wine buff. I look forward to getting to know you all.

I'm all about finding that perfect product at a bargain price, and feeling like I can  treat myself to that bottle of wine due to the savings afterwards!
if you would like to email me, please do so at

Hugs from Jess

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