Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review of the Models Prefer Limited edition "shadows" party glam swatches

I was walking around the beauty section of Priceline and was taken aback by the new eye shadow range they stocked! I was stoked to see that they are all affordable and nicely packaged as well in a cute little tin.

Models prefer have really upped their game in the makeup department as of late, if you didn't know, Models prefer is Pricelines own homebrand makeup line available in Priceline at a very affordable price, they also do hair care, skin care and makeup brushes. Every so often Models prefer will bring out limited edition range, and I grabbed this and am so glad I did, the range of colours is great for day to night, work or school. 

 The eye shadow itself is very pigmented, smooth and buttery, easy to blend out and use on the lids with or without primer. I believe I paid $10 for this palette, and I love the range of mattes and shimmers in this tin! its quite a good eyeshadow palette to grab if you are in a Priceline store and see it, you won't be disappointed.
 I always get sucked into limited edition makeup and if it turns out to be a good buy then yay! and this one was, in my opinion a steal! The palettes also come with this really nice double ended brush which actually does the job really well and is really soft, so for the value of this palette you basically get a free brush included! not a horrible foam applicator.
 Can I also mention a drugstore palette naming their shadows on the actual packaging and not on a plastic slip! can we get a hell yeah! finally someone actually doing this.
In the pan you do get a bit of kick back from the eye shadow but on the eye lids no fall out and it blends really well. Doesn't blend to nothing and pigmentation is really nice. I think a great selection of colours that will suit everyone's needs. This is the type of palette that if you accidentally dropped and cracked the eye shadow you wouldn't feel that badly.., maybe.

Often stocked around Holidays and new seasons so its periodic that they bring out these limited edition products.

Have you tried models prefer? what are your thoughts?


Sunday, September 25, 2016

spa day at home for congested oily skin problems

Hello all, today I'm rounding up some products in which I use for an effective and pretty good spa day at home, if you are like me and don't have the luxury of a bathtub you need these products in your life, it will make showering more fun and relaxing and you'll not miss the bathtub so much, I haven't had a bath in over 10 years! our bathroom is too small to actually fit one in. So I've worked out ways in which I can still get that relaxing experience and its affordable as well! found at the usual places like Priceline, Coles supermarkets, Woolworths so they are pretty accessible items that have become staples.

So first thing to do for a spa day is a deep cleanse, my deep cleansing routine consists of two products.
Formula 10006 so totally clean $8 
 The first is the formula 1006 product which I use as a step just to remove any access makeup residue and it helps to open and clear out the pores ready for the actual cleansing as I do a double cleanse with this method. I found this at Priceline and I got it in the 40% off sale, so it's relatively affordable at the best of times anyways.
Goodness natural beauty lab cream cleanser $12.95
This is actually my favourite current cleanser, I picked it up at Woolworths on special for just over $12 and oh my goodness, it feels so nice and smells really good. It doesn't rub away into nothing because I'm used to foam cleansers. This really gets all the dirt, makeup, and helps prep my skin because its got really hydrating ingredients in it. It smells faintly of cucumbers and fresh grass which is a nice surprise but doesn't linger.

Formula 1006 Deep down detox and ever yuth peel off mask $5 for everyuth and $9 for formula
These two I use depending on what I feel my skin needs the most, and I love them both for different reasons. When my skin is dull and needs a pick me up I use the peel off mask, its brightening and clarifies my redness It also helps tighten pores and cleanses the skin. The mud mask is great, this one I love because of the scent, smells like an orange smoothie, and its very cleansing.
Garnier anti shine cleanser and toner $7 each
I picked these two up from Woolworths after reading their claims, a few weeks ago and ever since have been loving them, they take away the micro film left on my skin, doesn't irritate and helps to keep my skin matte throughout the day.

Loreal men expert charcoal cleanser $13 
I know what you are thinking but this is a mans product, well I picked it up out of desperation because I was sick and tired of my black heads, this is the only thing that manages my congested clogged skin, I don't have any problems with it and love that it has cleansing properties in it that actually work!

Biosource skin care oil $15
I love this product so so much! I picked it up on special at Priceline and even though mineral oil is high up in the ingredient listing it doesn't effect my skin at all, I slather this on at night,including like a lip balm and my skin is so velvety soft and my lips are smooth and plump.

Eye cream from kmart $5 

This little eye cream has really surprised me, my friend Tanya got me interested in eye creams and originally I thought they were a waste of time, however I noticed in photos my under eye bag area were looking very creasy and dry. I picked this up because I loved the natural ingredients in it and it actually works! the caffeine de puffs my eyes and its smooth and light and really hydrates the skin.

Simple sensitive light moisturiser $9 
I have been using this stuff for years, its great, absorbs well, is gentle and is a no fuss moisturiser that I can rely on. I don't want one that's heavy and will clog up my pores even more congested skin really lets you know if it doesn't like a product and this one my skin has loved.

Body shop hemp body butter $15 half price
I picked this up because my body suffers from extremely dry skin, and this works like a charm, I even like the smell, even though my hubby doesn't. It's thick but non greasy and really helps to keep my reptile skin at bay.

So guys these are my favourite skin care products I use for an at home day spa experience, and that is also my skin care routine for helping congested oily skin! what products have you tried? got any favourites!


Essence all about greys eye shadow palette review

I've been going through my stash of eye shadow palettes and I think I may have to go on a spending ban on at least eye shadows because lets just say I have a lot! we'll see if the spending ban actually happens though. Today's post is about a relatively new palette, and its a small, travel friendly size that packs a punch. The all about greys palette by Essence cosmetics is one of my favourite palettes for every day use, because it can take me from day to night and it has an amazing range of shades and finishes to suit everyone's needs. Plus being very affordable, its on trend with the colours and and affordability as well.

The all about greys palette is one of my favourites because the black eye shadow is not only matte but really intense as well. Which is rare I believe for a drugstore eyeshadow palette to have such a decent black within it. The packaging is your typical transparent, acrylic pan that holds 8 eye shadows within it, so I think 8 shades are a great number because it gives you the right amount of colours to create a huge array of looks with.  You get 9.5 grams of product in total, which I think is quite a bit for the compact packaging.
 I picked up mine from Target where I get most of my Essence products from, if you haven't tried their new eye shadow formula you really should, they have upped their game and are addictive once you start with them!

So the colours, you get 8 of course starting at the lightest you get a really pretty highlighty white colour that has a little bit of shimmer, underneath that is almost a skin colour, light a light beige that is a fantastic transition colour Then you go through the greys and into the really nice dark greys and blacks that makes the palette so interesting instead of just being a dull grey palette.
 The formulation of the eye shadows is much better than what I used to know Essence eye shadows to be, apart from the single eye shadows, I believe these shades would suit a lot of different skin tones and be wearable for so many occasions. As always the swatches were done on no primer, and on one swipe so clearly they are pigmented.
What do you guys think of these palettes? got any favourites? will you be trying them?

hugs Jess

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Body Blendz fit detox tea review should you try a teatox?

Hello lovelies, a little while ago I was sent a couple of products to try and then review by the brand called Body Blendz, they have brought out a detox tea that is easy, affordable and quite a good quality tea blend. I chose to do this because I've gained a few kilo's and have been wanting to see if a fit tea is actually any good. I had never tried a fit detox tea before and had seen a lot of hype via instagram and youtube.

So I was excited to try a detox tea, to see if they worked, and or tasted just like everyone was saying. Shipping was about a week and a half and the packaging was fine, there is a website where you can find their diet plan for extra results but I didn't follow this. Fit Detox tea so It wanted one that was all natural and relatively gentle, so  finding out that its all natural, contain's no laxatives, and is caffeine free I was very happy! its also gluten and dairy free which makes it suitable for most consumers. 
 I was also able to review the bodyblendz coffee scrub which I have done so on my youtube channel and I love it! you can find that review here the thing I loved about this detox tea is that its very gentle, all natural and they use organic herbs in their tea blend. I loved the peppermint taste and as it was the night time cleanse, I found it calming and relaxing to have before bed before I go ahead with my night time skin care routine. What's in it? Fennel seed which is great for getting rid of unwanted fluid, nettle leaf is great for allergies, marshmallow leaf is used for pain and swelling, peppermint is used to help reduce stomach upsets, and olive leaf is used to boost the immune system.

How to use it
1 teaspoon or 1 gram of product into a strainer, steep in boiling hot water for 3-4 minutes, then drink as usual. I found it actually went through my strainer, probably too fine for it, an actual infuser would probably work better.
 So why go on a tea tox program in the first place?
it can help boost your metabolism, of course they are trying to reduce bloating, and flush out toxins as well as hydrate the body because you are drinking extra fluids. I am a huge coffee lover and feel that sometimes my metabolism is sluggish some days.

Whilst I didn't see any reduction in bloating, I did feel more energised and my skin is also looking a lot clearer. I haven't lost weight but I'm actually not really trying to lose weight at the moment, so over all not a bad tea to try.
How strong is the diuretic or laxative effect?
 I honestly found that there was no effect in this for me at all, which I was actually very grateful for because I have had a bad reaction with a slimming tea in the past.

I do think teatox tea's a a fad basically being marketed towards people who want that instant flatter stomach, I find a more holistic approach to weight loss easier, and much more effective than trying tablets or drinks. Though if you are a tea fanatic you might like it for the ingredients themselves within the blend.

I did find the tea calming, it reduced my anxiety so I could relax more and concentrate on getting better sleep, I also found my skin to be in clearer condition, it had less redness and seemed to be breaking out less.

what do you think of these sorts of teas? tried any?

hugs Jess

Friday, September 16, 2016

Romantic in pink

The colour pink often has me scared and often ignoring it, at least in the makeup department, especially more so with eye shadow, I don't want to look like I have pink eye, or have some weird form of disease because I used the wrong shade of pink for my skin tone, I have a lot of redness in y skin, so I often stay away from those shades, however I teamed up with Glossier to bring you a post about the colour pink! I featured the bh cosmetics 28 foil palette which is one of my new favourite palettes at the moment.
The bh cosmetics 28 foil palette has a great range of shades, ranging from colours to more earthy shades that I adore. I created a very wearable look with this palette, using the mauves and pinks to create a halo eye, which would be great for hooded eyes as well as I have hooded eyes.

I came up with this eye shadow look using my bh cosmetics 28 foil palette and by chichi cosmetics spices palette and I love it! I also created a youtube video on how I created the look, youtube video on this lookwhich you can find here! I teamed up this halo, glowy eye look with a matte foundation, light bronzing and a nude lipgloss over a mauve lip liner.
It's no secret that I suck with winged eye liner, but ignore the unevenness of it, I used my toofaced felt pen liner and I love it, its very easy to use. I got it in the Nikkie tutorials palette collection. 

I found blending is key for this eye look, especially because I have hooded eyes I like to bring the crease shade up a little higher creating a new crease.. So what do you think of bh cosmetics in general? I love their palettes, I currently own 4.

hugs Jess

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

nudes continue to take over... MUD makeup design eye shadow palette

on this very gloomy and wet afternoon in Melbourne, in which I am procrastinating studying for an exam that is fast coming up, I am writing a blog post about a makeup brand that is seemingly very underrated in the beauty community. I was in Woolworths the other day and they stock a very exentisve range of MUD makeup design. I picked up their eye shadow palette which is a nude themed eye shadow palette, consisting of 5 shades, 4 shimmers and 1 matte.

 The packaging is quite sturdy for a little plastic case which is quite handy for travelling or for school or work touch ups when required. It comes with two little foam applicators which are quite useless if you ask me. I swatched these one swipe in natural lighting with no primer, and the formula actually surprised me.
 The darkest brown on the left end is the only matte colour in the entire palette however the shades are all well pigmented, and buttery soft, I paid just under $12 for this palette which I thought was relatively pricey considering it's only 5 shades. However these are very on trend shades at the moment, and even resemble some in the MAC warm neutral 15 eye shadow palette, so its obviously much less in price and more accessible.
 Some kick back in the pan after I swatched, the matte shade not as creamy soft as the shimmers but just as pigmented. The formula is actually long wearing on my eyes, and I use a primer set with powder for a creaseless application. You can create some really pretty every day and even make it night time wearable with this little palette.  The only reason I really picked up this in the first place was because I had to spend a certain amount at Woolworths for a points thing I was doing! however I'm quite glad I got this.
so should you pick this up? it's basically a win in my opinion but so many brands offer nude palettes these days. I do like the travel size option as its great in my makeup bag and doesn't take up too much room. So for that in itself it will get more use than some of my bigger nude palettes that I already own.

Have you tried this? what are your thoughts?

hugs Jess

Thursday, September 1, 2016

my first look into Eyes like Angels eye shadow palette by Makeup revolution

Hi lovelies, today I am talking to you about one of the best eye shadow palettes from the drugstore that money can buy, I'm actually really surprised at how much I am obsessing over this palette right now, at just under $14.00 AUD they have come through with both quality, and pigment! the brand is, Makeup revolution, the palette is Eyes like Angels.
 Pictured on the right is the flawless Matte original palette, but the Eyes like Angels palette is what I'm talking about today. I really am in love with this palette, the eye shadows have a high end feel to it, I own the Urban Decay vice 3 palette and they honestly feel very similar in quality, and match each other for pigmentation. I wore this palette to the Andy Black concert on Sunday night and it didn't budge, crease, and the colour didn't fade.

I created this look with the flawless matte palette and the Eyes like angels palette to create this grunge look for the concert.
 These swatches are done with my finger, the shadows are buttery smooth, long wearing, and honestly so many colour options can be done in this palette, most are shimmer to foil effect and some are a satin finish. I also love how it comes with a plastic sleeve with the names of the shades on them.

this is basically a first impressions of the palette but so far I am really happy! I can't wait to create more looks with this.

have you tried their eye shadow palettes?
hugs Jess

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