Friday, November 4, 2016

w7 Naughty Nine eye shadow palettes Bangkok nights and Midsummer Nights review

Raise your hand if your a fellow eye shadow hoarder!

Hello all, I'm Jess, and I'm an eye shadow palette addict, ok well a makeup addict in general, however my obsession has been for years, collecting eye shadow palettes, drugstore and highend, I want them all. But my bank account tells me I sadly can't have them all *sobs* but today I wanted to delve into two eye shadow palettes that are so affordable and that have really blown me away, they look great in any makeup collection/flatlay and I think I need to collect all of them, best of all they only cost $5 so I can! 

 W7 cosmetics have really upped their game in my opinion, recently I have been enjoying the w7 photoshoot foundation to the point I've nearly finished the bottle, which basically never happens! and I picked up two eye shadow palettes that caught my eye. The naughty nine palettes, which I believe are a dupe for the mac eye shadow 9 pan palettes, I can't say for sure as I don't own them but I have seen pictures and swatches. I have two palettes, I picked up Midsummer nights which is trending on so many levels because of all the warm toned palettes that are coming out right now, and I was literally blown away by the pigment, these swatches are one swipe, no primer, and in natural window lighting. I have worn them both on my eyes and they wear very well, no creasing and no fading, also very pigmented on the lids.
 So if you are wanting to delve into an affordable warm toned palette but can't afford the ones such as Huda beauty Rose gold addition then this one is for you. The packaging is a standard cheapish plastic casing but it is sturdy enough for travel, I took the midsummer nights one when I wen't house sitting and it travelled well in my makeup case. Would also be suitable for taking to work/school or as needed for touch ups.
 I actually fell in love with Bangkok nights purely on the taupe purples and mattes in this eye shadow palette. Similar shades I have seen in the Tarte in bloom palette when I was last in Sephora, and a heck if a lot cheaper.  I love in both palettes that you get a range of finishes, mattes, shimmers and glitters. The Bangkok nights has amazing shades ranging from purples to dusty pinks and plums so great to play around with and create so many looks
 I'm going to be purchasing more in this range, I think there's two more to collect so I may as well get them all I am intrigued in the Arabian nights palette as its mostly all earthy tones I believe, but these two spoke to me the most. I will be adding these palettes to my daily makeup bag, and with the size of the eye shadow pans themselves I think its really good value for the price.
Have you tried any of these at all? let me know! I highly suggest you go now to get them!



  1. Nice makeup shades! they look amazing!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal :)

  2. These palette have gorgeous shades! I know the struggle I have a eyeshadow palette addiction too lol!


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