Sunday, November 29, 2015

Designer brands limited edition midnight moon Christmas 2015 palette

I might have gone shopping... after my doctors appointment today I needed a bit of cheering up, because I had to get some diagnoses and what not, and that's always boring/annoying/being a downer. However the chemist where I went to get my medication had an eye shadow palette that I've been lusting after for a wee bit, since Db Cosmetics launched their Christmas stock a month ago actually. I was surprised that they were having a xmas sale so I got the palette for $2 less. I got the foundation too however that's going back tomorrow as, I got the wrong one, lightwear instead of full coverage lol

 The packaging is a sleek black case, not plastic but almost a soft padded feel so not really certain, mostly cardboard but nice enough and sturdy enough. It is also shimmery but the shimmer doesn't rub off. However I have already noticed that the case does get messy with fingerprints, and eye shadow smudges quite easily.
 The shadows are shimmery, however can appear semi matte in the swatches, I think its just the over spray of glitter on the eye shadows. You get 8 eye shadow colours, they swatch amazingly well, this was one swipe on each colour, the only one that didn't do too well was the light pink shade.
I loved the bolder colours and the white was a nice shimmery white which is pigmented. They blend out well, and are buildable in colour. So this was my first impressions of this eye shadow palette, what have you guys been buying?

hugs Jess

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Silent illnesses and being a burden. A chatty update.

Hi lovelies, today I thought I'd share with you some thoughts I've had on my health and what not, this week has been hard. I must admit, I've come to the realization that my body is not perfect, not that I ever thought it was but it seem's that with its knocks, hard work and so on, its catching up on me. I'm only 31 years old, but I've been diagnosed with lymphoedema. I was 14 when I had feet reconstruction in both feet, because they were turned in and had other complications as well, the side effect of that operation is now known to me. Chronic pain, severe swelling to the point I can't walk some days

But I press on, on days I can, I push forward and then almost regret it like I do now, feeling sorry for myself. I know there are others who are a lot worse off. But I wanted to raise awareness, and know for myself I still can do something. Silent illnesses are a burden but not all is bleak!

I am enrolling in school again and was quite taken with the building that I'll be attending to next year if all goes well.

I'm also trying to be more healthy with my diet as of late, and am eating more fruit, fruit smoothies, and salads I've been eating less meat, rarely eat meat these days except if I'm really craving it

I've also had some interesting updates from my doctors, being diagnosed with Chronic pain syndrome, and are trying to develop an action plan for me so I can deal with things better and not let things get on top of me, self care is so important to everyone! this is what I'm learning about, I need to remember its ok to rest, to take a painkiller if needed, and not feel guilty about doing so.

On a happier note, I'll be catching up with my good instagram friend Mel, and we will be in the city for some girl time, shopping and Christmas shopping.

Anyways guys and gals that's my life's update for now! I do hope yours is going as well as it can or wonderfully!

Let me know how you are doing in the comments below!

lots of love,


Sunday, November 22, 2015

a lipstick love affair

Hi lovelies! well its no hidden secret that I adore a good lipstick or two!or (32 and counting) I also love a good drugstore lipstick, that's cheap and good quality, is there such a thing in Australia? yes! Savvybydb in the last couple of months brought out their reduced line and limited line of products, they had eye liners, mascaras, lipglosses and lipsticks, I picked up each shade of lipstick at the time, and they were $3 each.

Well let me tell you they are not only good quality, they actually also smell really nice when applying, are pigmented, creamy and I have fallen in love with one in particular

This savvy by db lipstick is in the shade velvet, I love its pinky raspberry tones, and paired with my current favourite lipliner in bitter by elf, its magical.  I'm somewhat actually saddened by the fact that this is a limited edition product. When they run out, that's it, no more.

I love these as they are longlasting, opaque, and are so so creamy they don't tug on the lips, and the colour is amazing.
Have you fallen in love with a lipstick?
hugs Jess

Friday, November 20, 2015

Chichi beauty sponge a dupe for the beauty blender

Hello lovelies! this week I've been lucky enough to have won a couple of instagram prizes which I'm super pumped about. I'm reviewing a product in which was sent to me in part of that prize pack.
This sponge is soft, not hard like some super cheap sponges you can buy, its not as dense either however it soaks up enough water and actually applies the make up flawlessly. I've tried it with different foundations, contouring, concealers and even powders.
I am obsessed with this sponge so far and will be getting the others to try out in the range as I believe there are four other shapes. $5 isn't a bad price to pay for a sponge like this either, I have read its meant to be a dupe for the actual beauty blender, so I don't think I'll be forking out my money after I have found this baby.

I do feel because its not as dense you need to hold it carefully, otherwise I'd be worried about gauging out pieces of whatever its made from. But other than that my make up glides on so nicely and looks airbrushed. 

Have you tried this?
hugs Jess

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Garnier Fructis Goodbye damage split ends hair growth and hair care for afro like hair

Hi lovelies! well today I have a review for two products that I have fallen head over heels for! #sorrynotsorry for that pun haha. I picked up these two in my grocery shopping at Coles Supermarket last week and have been using them religiously. I have very dry, brittle, and damaged hair that is prone to looking dry, almost afro like if I don't do anything with it. My mum is to blame, she is actually aboriginal and has thick, curly hair, and whilst mine isn't curly some days it just doesn't know what it wants to be. I've used hair tools a lot on it, you name it, and am always on the search for my holy grail hair product, I think I've found it.

It was on sale, I always pick things up on sale where possible. I do like natural products however sometimes on my hair, natural just doesn't work. My hair is usually like straw if I don't look after it throughout the week, I wash my hair twice a week using my Organics 2-1 kids shampoo, then I use the leave in conditioner. I also make my own hair masks, currently been loving an egg mask and I believe my hair has been growing because of that. The problem with my hair is, that it grows out thick instead of long. But since using this new regime I've noticed my hair has grown about two inches so I'm pretty excited about that.

First off, the packaging is a bright orange and accented in green so it catches the eye nicely, these two products are in plastic bottles but I don't mind that because I tend to be clumsy and am scared I will drop a glass bottle.

My hair breaks due to dryness and I have found after using this, there has been less breakage, I use it twice a day when needed. I use a drop, rub it in the palms of my hands and run it through my hair to distribute the product.

It's a small bottle that would be great for travelling or putting in your purse or make up bag so you can use it when needed. The heat protecting miraculous oil is a god send to my poor dry hair, it made an instant result with leaving my hair smooth, shiny, and looking less damaged.

I've found you can combat some of the chemicals in your hair by using a mix of natural products and other types of products. I use a gentle sulfate free and paraben free shampoo, and leave in conditioner. This helps my scalp and dryness, whilst this product helps to condition, smooth and treat frizz. Overall I highly advise those who are looking for an affordable way to treat frizz to go buy this product!

Pro's of both products 
Travel friendly
Easy to use, no complicated instructions
Versatile, use it on wet or dry hair
Makes hair shiny
Cost effective
Great packaging
Non greasy
Conditioning and helps split ends
Lovely fruity smell
Perfect for the lazy girl who doesn't want to do too much to her hair

Con's of both products 
Need's reapplication
Organic users might stay away from this as it does contain chemicals
Doesn't smooth totally but it does help manage frizz and split ends

have you guys tried these products?

hugs Jess

Saturday, November 14, 2015 clothing haul and review

Hello all! today I have a very exciting post because I was contacted by the amazing people at to see if I'd review some of their clothing for them! I was sent $40 worth of clothing that I chose, after having fun looking at their website, I've never shopped with an online clothing store before and I gotta say I'm happily surprised.

I chose three pieces, one a skirt, which I haven't worn as yet but will in a later post, a singlet top, and a kimono, the theme was what I can't live without for summer.

I'm happy with how everything fitted, I believe they go by uk sizing, and so that tends to fit me better than most other countries.
The Kimono is a very light weight flowing material, and is a size large, it was on special too on clearance.
I teamed it up with some black shorts, I rarely ware shorts, but the sun was out and I was actually heading to a party so thought why not wear these tonight as its warm enough.

A black beaded necklace, sunglasses finished the outfit, these shorts are almost like legging material and I can't remember where I got them from.

I do love the singlet top being an edgy snakeskin pattern, that was also on clearance for $6 on

Have you bought anything from boohoo? they ship to Australia at a very reasonable cost, and I do think the clothes are quite good quality. I love shopping online for clothes now! 

let me know if you've shopped boohoo before! 

hugs Jess

Models prefer nudes eye shadow collection matte and shimmer first impression and swatches

Hi lovelies, today I'm doing a first impressions on an eye shadow palette I picked up at Priceline yesterday when I was in the city with a friend, heading into Taste of Melbourne. We spent a glorious sunny day eating, shopping and having a fantastic girly day out together. But here are my first thoughts on the Models prefer Eye shadows palette the nudes collection.

We went to three Pricelines whilst in the city, seeing as they were actually all in the areas we were shopping we just stopped in because they were either out of stock of something, or had different stock of other things.

 So I picked up this eye shadow palette  because Priceline had it on sale from $16, down to $12 and I knew these were a limited edition of Model prefer. I was deciding between other palettes but decided this one would suit me best because it has half matte shades and half shimmer shades, so you get 12 of each. Which is a nice idea because I don't think there are other palettes in this price point with the same theme.
 I was actually impressed that it came with an actual decent dual ended brush, most of the time its the crappy foam applicator brush that I generally don't use. Not sure if they are trying to copy Urban decay a little bit here, but either way I'm impressed. The tin also is rather sturdy as well, not flimsy cardboard like most cheap palettes I've seen. And lo and behold it actually has a mirror! and a good one at that! enough with the obvious Jess, get onto the swatches and thoughts about the actual shadows.
 So I was swatching away and thought wow these are actually pretty nice, they feel buttery, smooth and the shimmer one's aren't that powdery at all, they are also actually very pigmented, this top arm swatch is the shimmer and its just one swipe of each colour.

The mattes actually disappointed me a little! some colours seem to work out better than others like with most shades ranging from light to dark. However I'm happy with the quality and it should work better either wet or with a primer. Not bad Models prefer, not bad at all!

have you tried anything from Models prefer?

hugs Jess

Monday, November 9, 2015

5 beauty lessons I've learned through blogging

Hi lovelies! today I've taken an idea from FluerDanielle a lovely blog I read, and today she posted about 10 lessons she's learned through blogging and wearing make up. I'm similar to her, I actually never used to wear a lot of make up, if any. Maybe some lip gloss and bronzer but that was about all in my routine. But these days my skill set has grown with make up, and I enjoy shopping for make up and playing with new products, but along the way I have learned a few tricks that surprised me because obviously before make up, it was all new to me! But instead of 10 I'm only doing 5!

01. Skin care, Skin care, Skin care! 

I used to be just a soap and water girl, and would always complain about why my skin was dry and flaky. Then when learning about skin care, I over did it on the exfoliating (it can be done) and ended up breaking capillaries and having blotchy skin. But now I've gotten to know my skin, and my routine and it makes all the difference! even if I don't always tone the skin, I always apply moisturiser!

02. Lipstick and lip liners 
I used to never wear lip liners, and hated how my lipstick looked! it was so uneven, and unclean around the edges. I find if I'm wearing a bold lip a lip liner is a must these days, not only does it wear longer but it actually helps applying.

03. Brands are just brands
Whilst it is good to splurge occasionally just know that brands are just brands, they lure you in with their packaging and promises but in the end drugstore can work just the same or better as a high end product! I try not to get fomo these days over it because being in Australia and my budget just doesn't lend to getting many high end products.

04. Let your skin breathe 
I go for days on end without wearing make up and my skin has really cleared up lately! I know that make up doesn't cause acne however I do like to let it breathe, a day or two without make up is like a holiday.

05. Look after your stash 
there's no point in buying make up or brushes no matter the quality if its just going to lay around collecting dust, have it somewhere accessible and easy to find!

hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below!

hugs Jess

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Designer brands pro contour palette and snowflake eye shadow palette limited edition swatchws of the pro contour kit

My Designer brands haul arrived today! I might have purchased some things on their website last week when they had free shipping. I'm basically showing you what I got cause I literally just picked them up from the post office this morning! but I'm so excited to start playing with them and giving you a more thorough review in the future!

First up we'll get the "boring" items out of the way haha not that they are boring in my books but they are the more practical items that I purchased. Well the concealer palette came free because I purchased 3 items in one go. Anyways I've been wanting to try this primer for ages! and I've read up that its meant to be a dupe for the Benefit porefessional primer, so I'm excited to try this! it has tea tree, aloe vera and peptides in it! The concealer actually looks pretty good too, and having a drugstore one that actually has an apricot shade is pretty cool! $14.95 for the primer.

ahh my beloved obsession with eye shadows continue! when I saw they brought out this pretty, limited edition for 2015, palette I knew I had to get it, I gravitate to these colours all the time, they are pigmented, and creamy, can tell after just swatching them. I paid $17.95 for this one which is the large, they do have a small but why get a small when you can go large?


Now onto the product I was most excited about because literally everyone has been talking about it on all the beauty review sites and Instagram. This looks exactly like a dupe for the Kat Von D contour palette, I don't own it, sadly but this is a more affordable option! cruelty free, and vegan friendly. $17.95 I love how big this palette is, and if I like it, I might have to get myself a back up though I do own 6 contour palettes already, derp.

What have you been hauling lately?
anything from Designer brands?

hugs Jess

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hello all! today I'm showing you my thoughts on some beloved foundations that are in my collection and why they are in my top 10. This is the ultimate foundation review and swatch fest for those of you with fair skin and want to know more about undertones and what might be right for you in terms of drugstore foundations. These I have purchased over time, and use often! some I've been having more of a love affair with than others and some I use more for certain occasions and for different reasons. Admittedly some I purchased due to the hype over instagram or youtube but thankfully it worked out for me as some sadly lay in the forgotten drawer and collect dust.

So first cab off the rank is Maybelline fit me Shine free, stick foundation in the shade ivory
and Face of Australia hd stick foundation both in the shade ivory.

The face of Australia is swatched on top and the maybelline fit me is swatched bottom on my wrist, as you can tell I'm very pale. I don't tan, I burn, peel and go white again so this is a problem with most drugstore foundations being pink toned. As you can see the Face Of Australia one is actually yellow toned based which is perfect. I use these both, The foa one is more full coverage, meaning you only need to use a little to get a good coverage however I do set this with powder due to the kaolin clay in it and the spf. The Maybelline fit me one is great for every day use and I can also double it up as a highlighter or concealer. I apply both with a foundation brush for maximum coverage, the foa is a natural yet slightly dewy finish but not shiny. For me the Foa one wins due to price, and coverage but Maybelline is also good as it has different usages.

Our next two foundations are both liquid, and are the Elf flawless finish foundation, and covergirl tru blend in Elf shade Porcelain and covergirl in Ivory. Swatched on my wrist the covergirl is left, the elf is right. Elf is actually more pink toned then what I would like for myself. I prefer a more yellow tone to even out my complexion but it can be corrected with concealer or a powder. So it is still useable. I purchased this off for $6 so its an affordable foundation Not one of my every day go to's however every now and again I'll remember it and rock it out. Covergirl Trublend foundation is a fantastic, light weight, and also a liquid based foundation. Lighter in tone, I believe its more yellow tone by looking at it. Wears well throughout the day and I've had a long love affair with it as the bottle is half finished.

Two more Covergirl foundations going head to head, my ultimate everyday foundation is the Covergirl ready set gorgeous in which I also have the matching concealor. I am in the shade 105, classic ivory. It lasts all day, doesn't look cakey, and is the perfect in between tone. So a bit pink and a bit yellow. Covergirl outlast stay fabulous is the 3 in 1 bottle that claims to do miraculous things, I purchased due to its hype, its a decent foundation, one that I do wear every other day. It's swatched on top and the ready set gorgeous is swatched on bottom.

Now onto some Rimmel products! I acutlly prefer most Rimmel foundations to any other brands at the drugstore. They generally work out best for me colour matching wise, and are a good range of coverage available to suit different needs. I'm in love with the stay matte one pictured on the left, as with the swatch being on top, the Rimmel bb cream is a new favourite of mine, and is in the shade light. I wear this on days such as school or work where I want to look polished but not too cakey. The stay matte is in the shade Ivory. I love Rimmel because they focus I believe more on yellow based foundations.

Now these two are a little bit different, the Maybelline mate and poreless one I first bought and hated because at the time it was the wrong colour for me, however now its the correct colour as I've slightly darkened as I was as white as a ghost in winter when I purchased it. The w7 foundation is a good favourite and is comparible to the Rimmel stay matte foundation in colour and finish. Both being more yellow in undertone.

So there you have it, 10 swatches, 10 impressions, what are your favourites? would love to know! leave me a comment down below!

hugs Jess

Monday, November 2, 2015

wine appreciation old fashioned drinks made trendy again Tawny port a real girls fancy for wine

I've been obsessed with Twitter as of late, mainly for sharing and networking however also for a bit of ranting and conversation! I never used to enjoy Twitter but I have really taken a liking to it! you can find me here twitter

But today's post is all about

I do love a glass of wine every now and again and this particular wine is an old fashioned drink that is seemingly coming back in style. It's actually from Aldi this brand, Albertson's reserve Cream for $4.99.
It kind of tastes like sweet bubbly champagne just without the bubbles, but I sometimes mix a tonic water into it to get the bubbles. I also love making cocktails out of this! plenty of cocktails can be made.

The best thing about Aldi wine makers is that they don't charge more for quality, a $5 bottle of wine sounds like it would most likely be terrible, but in actual fact this has fast become one of my favourite drinks! 

what's your favourite?

hugs Jess

Sunday, November 1, 2015

ChiChi Confetti bubble gum pop nail polish review, swatches and thoughts

Hello all! I had a rest week this week, wasn't feeling myself for awhile there as you may have been able to tell with my last post. However I took some time out for me, which is very important for everyone's health. So yesterday I went with a girlfriend to Ringwood and we checked out the updated Eastland shopping centre and had a ball. So much fun shopping and having our girly day out together!

anyways onto today's post which is about my love for nail art, I'm not the best at nails in general but if I can get them looking somewhat pretty then I'm satisfied! these chichi nail polishes are awesome! they set real fast, no streaking and best of all they didn't chip as soon as I put my hands in soapy dish water cause that always happens!

I used these two colours from a set I have which is the Confetti bubble gum pop set and I love ChiChi products! the formula is thick but I apply thin coats so it doesn't goop up everywhere and cause an unsightly mess.

As the name suggests some of the colours have spots of colour in them to look like confetti and others have glitter, the white is the one I chose to use as the accent, and the lilac has a duo chrome blue glitter in it which looks super pretty.

The lavender is the perfect shade of lavender! it makes me look tanned even though I'm actually very pale. I think these are very fun summer colours, and with a wide range of colours to choose from you can be sure to find one that suits you, in the ChiChi range.

I love how long these polishes last on the nails as well, super easy to use with a nice brush that loads the product well. I just wipe off extra onto the bottle as I take it out. I never use an undercoat or top coat purely because I'm lazy. They have a nice shine on their own anyways so I rather like the look of that.

I don't buy Chichi that often because they can be a tad pricey but occasionally at Target I'll pop in and see they are having a sale so its a great way to stock up, best of all ChiChi is cruelty free.

Have you guys bought anything from ChiChi at all?
hugs hope you have a fabulous long weekend and goodluck betting on the races if you do!


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