Tuesday, September 29, 2015

random moments

So today I thought I'd share with you something that wasn't beauty related however photography related. I love playing around with apps, and photography and I purchased this plastic toy raptor without any real reason and suddenly was inspired to take a photo of it in the street! It came out quite cute and hilarious.

I thought the golden hour would be fun to play around with and see what snaps I could get, these were unedited apart from cropping.

I loved how this shot looked, he almost looks alive! I've dubbed him Mr Raptor for the time being unless anyone can think of another name for him? I also love the fact that he is orange!

He looks like he is exploring! he looks right at home
here he is and it looks like he is heading off into the sunset

do you like to random pics like these? what do you think? these were just taken on my iphone 5s.

hugs Jess

Sunday, September 27, 2015

5 things to try with your favourite powder foundation

Hi guys here I'm showing you 5 things you can try with your favourite powder foundation, currently I'm obsessed with this one by Maybelline.

1. Set your eye lid primer 
generally powder foundation is your perfect skintone, its matte and sets the eye lid primer perfectly, it creates the perfect base for blending out eye shadows that are harder to blend out.
2. use it on the days you don't want to wear foundation 
I use this on days when I want a no make up look and basically to cover minimal redness and or blemishes.

3.Use a powder as a matte highlighter on your eye brows and cheek bones
I do this and it looks pretty! a great way of adding a highlight if you want more mattes in your look. Very flattering.

4. Use it as extra coverage
I love using it as extra coverage to hide scars and marks, I have a scar on my nose after falling over a few years ago and it covers it well.

5. Colour correcting with powders
These pressed powders are great for toning down redness because it sets and doesn't budge after its been applied. Covers and corrects by adding a touch more coverage, I sometimes use this instead of concealer.

have you tried these tips? got any new ones?

hugs Jess

what bloggers really think when out and about in real life

Hi guys hope you are all well? today's post is about what bloggers really think when out and about in real life, meaning when we are about either shopping, with friends, or in general life's everyday setting. I will endeavour to explain my thoughts.

1.When we are out having coffee
Sometimes you just don't have a camera on you, the perfect coffee (mine is a latte) and you are at a chic and trendy cafe with a hot waiter. I generally take my photos with my iphone, I always try and snap pics of my food, aka food porn, and if I can't I get very frustrated and think why?

2. When you are out shopping and the bargain of the century comes about
I've seen pictures of when shops are having sales, pretty clothing racks, and make up displays, or home wares grab me. I'm always sad if I'm in too much of a rush to take a few photos, to share via blog or instagram. It's just how my mind works, I love telling people about a good deal when and where I can!

3. Feeling really awkward but having to pose in public for a ootd
I generally don't do fashion posts however sometimes the time comes, I either am in a trendy spot, or an artsy area and my mind goes but there are so many people! really takes some dutch courage some times to get up and strike a pose.

4. Being out at a social event and no one wants photos! 
This greatly annoys me, I get it that some can be camera shy but all of my girlfriends hate being in front of the camera, I tend not to care, and if I can't get a good shot when I'm out at an event or what have you I always tend to think, why am I even here? On the other spectrum it annoys me when people are randomly in shots.

5. When you are out  and see the cutest dog or animal and can't get a shot! 
I hate it if I'm in the car and see a really cute dog, and it feels so weird because I'm thinking aww I wish I could get a photo of that!

are any of you this way inclined in thinking?

hugs Jess

Friday, September 25, 2015

blogger 101 are you a blogging addict?

So lately I have decided that I am indeed a blogging addict, let me explain why and how it has come about.

1. I always read others blog reviews before buying a product if I don't know much about it.

This is so true, I generally love to read blog reviews rather than any other source because I find it easier to access and more entertaining for me to unwind, and generally just look at others reviews. I find they give honest opinions, great feedback and a true look into a product.

2. I'm always looking for more blogs to read. 
This is also so true, I'm always after another blog to become accustomed to, to get to know and follow because I like getting to know other bloggers It helps with my own inspiration, to know I'm not alone in this beauty world and to potentially make friends along the way.

3. I'm always on social media.
I can't help myself, I'm generally on social media at least twice a day, instagram being my favourite outlet. My links can be found here. instagram twitter facebook page youtube tumblr
I love social media, the interactivity, the ways I envision my own content will look, I spend hours upon hours each week on social media.

4. I'm worried about not getting my point across in a chit chatty way.
I like to think that my blog is like a friend telling you about my finds, beauty products, info, or other happenings. I do like to sound as if I'm a girlfriend chatting away to her best friend because, that is how I do it in real life. I don't want to come across as up myself, condescending, or as a know all because that's not what blogging is about to me.

5. I am always trying to think about blog posts.
It's where social media and blogging come hand in hand, I get inspiration, ideas, a wealth of information. Blog posts are generally the pinning point that readers are looking for, pictures are obviously worth 1000 words however if you haven't got the content that sticks, then it won't be worth their time.

do you meet any of these criteria to being a blogging addict? let me know, and let me know if you know any others!

hugs Jess

Hydra oil get your perfect skin now! flawless and radiant skin

Hello all! I went through my bathroom cupboards the other night and found this product again, I'm usually swapping and changing things and tend to forget about a product.  I'm all about skin care, and love finding a bargain, when Coles supermarket had this I believe for half price, I grabbed it. At first glance I did think it kinda looked a bit like bio oil but in cream formation. However after investigation it is vastly different, and I believe superior than the bio oil Usual price is $21.99, yes I did think expensive for a supermarket,  so it is rather expensive, but I believe I actually paid less than half price and it was around $8 that I paid.

Containing rosemary, lavender, and chamomile essential oils, it has a slight scent of lavender but it fades quickly and doesn't linger. It also contains a few other special ingredients that I like, Sunflower, and calendula.

I have used it religiously all week, twice a week as it suggests on the bottle, and my verdict?
 The packaging is great for travelling although you can't tell how much is left in the bottle because its completely solid. I do like that its in a spray form though as it helps make the cream feel airy, and light It's non greasy, and absorbs quickly into the skin so you can get dressed instantly and not worry about marking your clothes.
An interesting point about this is that it contains trinano oil which helps the skin absorb the product and make it feel supple. I researched this because I had never heard of trinano oil before. It protects skin from drying out which I believe does work because my skin felt less dry the next day so its quite emolient I also love the fact that they chose the natural essential oils because of the properties they contain.
 I also believe that it has worked by smoothing out the rough texture of my skin, both on face and body.

Have you used hydra oil? what did you think of it?
hugs Jess

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day time emmy awards outfits best dressed gossip

The Emmy awards have rolled around once again and of course celebs like Kim Matula, Karrueche Tran, Nancy O'Dell shone at the day time Emmy awards at Warner bros studio's. A warm day for the celebs to be out and about however they all looked to perfection. This was the 42nd award and the celebs rocked it.

Tv personality, Nancy O'Dell wears a strappy aqua dress that is slimming, and makes her appear younger. Her skin glowed, and her hair was elegant and stylish in a simple updo. Earrings made a statement.

 I loved the eye make up on actress Kim Matula, looking ultra modern in her two piece lace outfit. Chic and simple.
 Karrueche was stylish and sleek in a white outfit, with side cut outs emphasising her figure and style. Her skin glowed, and hair was simple and pretty.

who stole the show for you?

hugs Jess

Monday, September 21, 2015

Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume review priceline haul

This perfumes I had wanted for ages! I purchased last year when Priceline had a perfume sale and I got it for a measly sum of $15! I'm so glad I did because not only am I a fan of this perfume, but I'm also a fan of Taylor Swift, guilty as charged. I really wasn't expecting that much from a celebrity perfume however the add is really cute advertisement for wonderstruck, they designed the bottle so well and so specially, I don't find it over the top girly, just the right touches of glam.

 I love the bottle, the design and colour is stunning, you are either going to love it, or hate it, but I love it. I love the charms, the purple blue iridescence. It's not flimsy either, it actually is a heavy glass bottle which I love, even though I didn't pay much for it, it still exudes a richness to it. The lid itself even has a pretty filigree embossed onto it. They really went all out on the detailing aspect.
 Now onto the scent itself, whilst it is floral, it is unique in its own right. Notes of apple blossom, freesia, raspberry, vanilla, white hibiscus, honeysuckle, and then to add some maturity into the mix, amber, sandalwood, as well as peach to round it all out. Upon first opening the bottle it is fresh, bright and intense. However upon the skin it settles and you can reach a vanillary peach scent which isn't too over powering.
 This scent could be worn well either season of Spring or Summer, perfect for balmy nights, fresh mornings or anytime really. It remains sparkling, pretty and a lingering scent on the skin, the perfect every day perfume.
My verdict.
A sweet scent, that is good for either the younger crowd or a more mature girl like myself who is nearly 31 years young. A luxe looking bottle, and a good price point for a well rounded perfume.

have you tried this? did you like it?

hugs Jess

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Australis make a wish colour inject lipstick review

Hello all! today I have with you a lipstick I'm loving to wear when I want a bit of glam in my every day life. This is a coral orange colour, by Australis in their colour mineral inject line. Usually $13 however I picked up on sale in the bargain bin for $3.

 its one that is overlooked slightly because of how vivid it actually is, I find that bright colours needs patience when applying and generally I don't have that much patience. However this is actually easy to use. Very pigmented, creamy and long wearing, I'm so glad I have this in my stash for Spring and Summer!
 It has minerals, antioxidants and vitamins in the tube, the packaging is quite nice too, very sleek for Australis. A slightly glossy finish, and its a long lasting lipstick, wearing on me for about four hours before I have to reapply or touch up.
I love how you can see the colour at the bottom of the tube as well, a nice punchy colour to boost ones look this season! have you been wearing anything by Australis lately? their line of lipsticks have really impressed me so far, what about you?

hugs Jess

Saturday, September 19, 2015

blogging process inspiration, photos and editing

Hi all! today I'm still sick with bronchitis, however I'm on the mend with hot tea, antibiotics, and netflix. I must admit my days revolve two out of three of these things on a usual basis however one can't complain of being looked after.

So today I am talking to you about my blogging process! I did actually have to think about this for awhile. Some days it comes easy to me, others not, today was a kinda in between day for inspiration ha ha.

1. Inspiration usually comes from a list that I have typed up in a spread sheet, yes I know, it sounds very organized but really I'm not. It just makes it easier to see what I haven't written yet, what seems to be trending and what I actually want to write about.

2. How long does it take me to write?
It basically depends on the subject, I  may have to do some research on the product or subject, I sometimes write about mental illness, and I sometimes write about food, or beauty products. It basically depends how well I know that subject. Then I write a brain storm down in a note pad to get my thoughts into gear. I need to have a basic outlay of what I'm writing so I can bulk out the rest of it. Usually it comes down to planning, inspiration and then the actual doing So it can take anywhere from half an hour, a week, or an hour to create.

I must admit I can be lazy on this, however I am getting better! this just comes with perseverance not necessarily being great at grammar and spelling. Plus that little icon for spell check in blogger really does come in handy! I also then check format, and see if everything looks all right, and flows nicely together.

4. photos and how I take them
I used to take mine on a actual compact camera however I now use my iphone 5s solely for taking photos because of the apps that I have You can find my how I edit photos post here in my afterlight review however I will be doing an updated process soon as I don't use that app anymore.
how I edit photos

5. engagement
I have been editing my photos more with text lately because that is a way of gaining engagement on your blog. Text really captures the reader, and hopefully gets them to stick around! I then either in the middle of the post ask a question of the readers thoughts, and then the same at the end of the post.This really helps round out the blog post

6. Promote, promote, promote social media express!
once all is done, and I'm happy, I press that little share button! I also share on my facebook page facebook page, instagram instagram twitter twitter I don't schedule, but I'm actually thinking I might start doing so, I have found that certain times on instagram seems to get more views. Usually in the afternoon for me and usually food posts.

so what are your processes for blogging? how long does it take you? any photo tips?

so that's basically it for my process! I hope it has helped, and enlightened you amazing readers! do let me know in the comments below!

hugs Jess

This highlighter is life! that highlight tho!

 This is the one highlighter I have been just lusting after for such a long time, in every youtube make up tutorial I'd watch, they had this, oh the glow, the radiance. That highlight tho! My instagram friend Bethy sent me this in a make up swap we did. I will so love her for sending me this, the one that I'd been hankering after for such a long time! now I'll tell you did it disappoint?
 A superbly golden champagne coloured highlight with a glean that seems to come from within once applied. Silky smooth, its buttery soft, and blends until it looks like its a part of the skin. Multi purpose it can be used as highlight, eye shadow and lip colour. I also love how big the pan is, the fantastic mirror it comes with, and just how sturdy it all feels.
 It's pigmented, golden, a delight to look at! and use. I was actually a bit intimidated when I first started using it because of how much glow you can achieve. However playing around I have found you can blend it well with the elf tapered  brush.
 you get 8gms of product which is a big pan! I've already had this for a couple of months now, and haven't even made a dent in the pan. I'm addicted to highlighters and this one I whip out for when I want the ultra glow or special touch to my make up.
have you used this as of yet? what other highlighters do I need to try?

hugs Jess

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Benefits they're real mascara dupe!

So I was checking out my mascara stash today and came across a fun fact. The Loreal Manga mascara and the benefits their real mascara are almost identical in formula! I do believe I have a dupe! I'll explain why.

 First off, the bristles are very similar, which means the actual brush technique will be similar to each other. The product does the same, it even dries the same hardness as the they're real by benefit which I was very surprised about.
 The actual formula when on the lashes is pretty much identical, both waterproof, very black and long lasting mascaras.
 Both give volume, and oomph to the lashes.
just ones a heck of a lot cheaper than the other wouldn't you agree?

what are your thoughts?

hugs Jess

Avalon organic lavender eye gel for sensitive skin

So as we are beginning to creep our way into Summer, I've been upping my game in skin care and this means I've added a new step into my routine. In little under three weeks I will be 31 years old though everyone says I look 20 haha. So I think my skincare routine has something to do with that so that makes me happy. I have noticed however more finer lines under the eyes and my make up creasing more. I also have sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of product, so I had to be careful with what I chose. I have come up with a good un!

 This is an all natural, organic eye gel, that smooths the contours of the eye, leaving it feeling fresh, calm, and pampered. It's non greasy, absorbs quickly and is fast acting on puffiness. I use this of a night time. I find it really helps to ease darkness on the eyes, especially the inner corners of my eyes as they tend to look blueish in the morning if I don't use this.
 Even though it has lavender in it, it doesn't smell like lavender, I was worried it was going to smell for a lack of a better term like my grandmother. I find it slightly tingling on the eyes though nothing drastic, I know its working when its doing that. I also found I can put it on my lips and it smooths the contours and lines.
over all an interesting little step as I'm so so lazy when it comes to skincare. I like the packaging, its a handy little pump bottle. I also love that its cruelty free and made from natural based and derived products.

What skin care tips have you all got for me?

hugs Jess

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

five things I have learned about blush! confessions of a make up addict

Hi lovelies, today I have a fun post because I've come to realise that came somewhat as a surprise to me because I never thought I'd be obsessed with blush, ever! someone suffering from rosacea like myself will understand this. So for me to now have a collection that is somewhat starting to take over my bathroom drawers this had me thinking about what I have learned about blush. I have however come to understand a little more about the blushes tricky ways.

Thing number 1.
You need to work out how to apply blush on you, yes you can watch thousands of videos on youtube but your face is yours. Its yours for a reason. Every face shape is different, I have also found some techniques don't work for me and others do, so its really a trial and error with blush. Also using the right size brush helps, if you have a small face why use a big brush? I use the elf tapered brush for applying my blush and highlighter and it works perfectly. Before I was using a complexion brush and didn't have as much control. You could even use a good stippling brush, or kabuki brush, I also use the elf kabuki brush.

Thing number 2. 
Finding your perfect shade is a must! I tend to go towards cool toned pink shades, because I have a yellow based foundation that drains out all colour. So I find that having a pink shade that isn't too red looking can help breathe back life into my otherwise sallow looking skin! but if its not working for you try peach, or another shade! the thing with blush is that there are a hundred and one different shades and hues out there. I do love a dusty rose blush too give a healthy hue about my cheeks. The right shade depends on your skintone, playing around is key.

Thing number 3.
Before I started in the journey of make up, foundations were my staple, now I always add blush, and I have a growing number of cream blushes as well. They are the most natural on the skin, can be set with a powder blush to give more oomph and perfect for the beginner out there. I find these really versatile because you can use them also on the lips and eyes, but do test for lip safe use first. Cream blushes are a really good option for travelling with too as many are found in stick form.

Thing number 4. 
Blushes do not have to be expensive to be good! I've got $2 blushes that are fantastic! bys cosmetics do great blush, as do W7, Face of Australia, and MUD. I find that as long as you work out how pigmented they are you can work with anything. My favourites at the moment are Hard candy, Milani, Face of Australia and bys.

Thing number 5.
Have fun with it! make up is make up after all! and that's what it is there for, I have found you can get way too serious about a certain product. I think as long as you are being you, and that's what should matter! go for colours that are not on trend, do what makes you happy. After all its your money you are spending.

Have you found these tips helpful at all? got any to share?

hugs Jess

Monday, September 14, 2015

Maybelline the nudes palette first impressions and swatches

Hello lovelies! isn't it typical that I survive all through winter without getting sick and the first week of Spring hits and I get bronchitis? I'm currently on antibiotics, pain relief, and fluids but I had to pick up some groceries last night and this is where this newbie pops in.

I was hoping to get this on a half off sale that Maybelline does every now and again, but I was waiting and waiting, to no avail. I paid full Aud price of $20.00. Which might seem like a lot but its still cheaper and handier to get in store than online. I've seen American prices range from $9.99 and $12.99. So with that said the inflated price of Australian purchasing wasn't too bad. But I'm probably justifying that to my wallet lol.

 I was intrigued by the palette options, quads, trios, duos, I love how its similar in design by the way you use the eye shadows to urban decay Vice 3 palette. You have rows of options in that palette and this one also gives you a similar direction.
 Most of the swatches showed up apart from the lightest colours! which I was anticipating anyways. But I do love the colours and think this will work well.
The first quad is the neutral shades, four lovely shades that you could easily pair up with other colours from your make up stash. The first shade is actually a stunning cream shade, not white how it looks in the pan. The second quad is the bronze shades, or the warm shades. The one lack lustre shade is the gold, its more a wash, rather than a opaque shade. However I still think you could work it.

The cool toned quads are nice, the black a little crumbly in my opinion and not a true black. More of an onyx.

What are your thoughts on this palette?

hugs Jess

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Get your best brow! eye brows on fleek using drugstore products!

drugstore products that will get your eye brows on fleek! yes I've jumped on the band wagon on trying to get the perfect arch, but lets be real, half the time I barely have the time to actually fill them in, but I am starting to appreciate how important eye brows can be to finish off your make up look!

here are four products that I love, and use, my favourite one being the maybelline master brow precise pencil.

From top to bottom, Rimmel london Professional in the shade hazel, not really sure why I went for this colour as I'm in between black and brown hair. However its a decent enough pencil, easy to use, easy to blend and is pigmented. There are two other shades available, dark brown, and black.

The maybelline master precise brow being my favourite, in medium brown, is a really nice shade, I was actually surprised, it gives a lovely natural look and I wear it a lot for day time wear.

Eye brow designer by Essence, a great cheapie! really pigmented, but I think a tad too dark for me at the moment, I seem to suit browns at the moment.

Bys Brow and eye pencil
this I was intrigued in because its the only retractable one I have! its super pigmented, easy to use, great colour for me as well, I also love that its cool toned.

 These have what I have been using lately, what have you been using?

hugs Jess

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