Sunday, August 30, 2015

Elf flawless finish foundation blog review

 Hello lovelies! today I am reviewing one of my favourite drugstore foundations! ELF is a popular brand. On the Australian website this retails at $12 so not a bad price for a foundation that is medium, to full coverage, a nice tone in colour, and one that is oil free, and has spf 15 in it, which for lazy girls like me, is brilliant.
 I actually love its packaging, a glass bottle, with a plastic pump and cap. Easy to dispense, gives the right amount, and its a nice consistency, not too thick, not too thin, I also use this like a concealer for spot correcting. I love the fact that this foundation is actually, oil free. Great for those oily skin girls but also great for the dry skin girls who have to give their skin some extra care but don't want their foundation sliding off.
 It's a great size for travelling with as well, it wont make a mess in your handbag/make up bag, its a little smaller than most foundation sizes. I really enjoy the coverage that this foundation gives! you don't have to use a lot either and it layers well. Lasting power is approx 6 hours on my skin before I start seeing it coming off.
I've been wanting a good every day foundation and I believe I have found it! I will happily keep reaching for it in my current favourites drawer. There are only 6 shades in the range and luckily I am reasonably easy to colour match in the lighter skin tone range.

overall I love this foundation! have you used this?
let me know your thoughts!
Hugs Jess

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Profusion's cruelty free eye shadow palettes

Hello lovelies! another wet and cold day for us in Melbourne today, however these swatches and eye shadows will warm you up, I am sure! I have this lovely naturals one, and a fantastic pan full of Autumn glamour colours.They are cheap, cruelty free, and good quality to boot! I was sceptical about Profusions at first but they are fast becoming one of my favourite brands for drugstore.

This is a stunning palette that creates the most amazing looks! all shades are pigmented, creamy to use and little to no fallout. Six shades from warm to cool, what more could you want?
 The colours are amazing, a mixture of matte, shimmers and satins, in six different shades. I purchased these at The Reject Shop.
 They are very long wearing on the eyes, and don't crease or smear, and are very pigmented!
 Versatile and pretty! interesting shades in both bolds and naturals.
I've really loved these two palettes! and have some more exciting Profusions products to show you!

great for the budget these were under $5
cruelty free
great colour selection
easy to blend

not available everywhere in Australia

have you tried these?
Hugs Jess

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Face of Australia lip quench Peaches and cream swatch and review

Hello all on this wet Thursday lunch break! I'm happy to say I'm heading out to lunch soon! so that means photos of that on my instagram haha. However today I'm writing my impressions of this little lipstick. Face of Australia lip quench with spf 30, jojoba oil, vitamin e and shea butter. The colour is Peaches and Cream.

 I love this range of lipstick! it lasts fab on the lips, smooths, non tugging formula and pigmented to boot, what more could you ask for? well cute colours and they have done that too.
 A better than my lips pink nude, an all round great every day colour that can be vamped up for night time or special occasions.
 Typical tube packaging but still sturdy and wont make a mess in your handpag/purse. they swatch amazingly well.

Smooth and even colour, non greasy or slippery on the lips but still soothing to wear. Regular retail price is $9.45 so a great bargain at just under $10, I picked these up though from Kmart for half price which I was super thrilled about. 

Have you tried these from Face of Australia?
have a great Thursday! 
hugs Jess

Monday, August 24, 2015

Milani blushes tea rose and delizioso pink review and swatches

Hello lovelies, today I'm sharing with you a new passion of mine, and that is blush! I never used to be even interested in blushes because naturally I have very red cheeks. But since my make up has improved and thus my foundation application has improved I have since found blush creates a very endearing look on the skin.

Introducing two of my favourites, which were sent to me from a friend in a make up swap!
 Milani blushes in tea rose, and Delizioso pink! the colours are so divine and lovely, as with the blushes themselves.
 pigmented, smooth and easy to blend out, these really pack a punch with their vibrancy!
have you tried these from Milani?
Hugs Jess

Saturday, August 22, 2015

how to get brighter and whiter teeth for free!

Hello all, today I did an experiment and I made my own home made charcoal to see if charcoal really works to clean and whiten your teeth. I read that you can make water purifiers out of charcoal as well so I am making an educated guess that it is safe to use, probably activated charcoal is best but I'm being cheap.

 To make charcoal I used burnt some paper, and waited until it cooled. Mashed it up with a fork and then added a little bit of water.
 This was the before of how my teeth looked, not too crash hot as I am a coffee and wine addict haha.
 I swished it in my mouth for a good 15 minutes, similar to how you oil pull, swish it around like you would with mouthwash. I then washed my mouth out, and brushed my teeth.
 I'm actually surprised this worked! I can see a subtle difference in my teeth, they are brighter, a little bit whiter too. Being a natural diy that didn't cost me anything I was truly surprised.
have you guys tried this method? has it worked? what other diy's would you like to see?
Hugs Jess

Friday, August 21, 2015

Face of australia lip quench pink champagne

Hello all! today I am so in love with this formulation of this lipstick I am about to show you! its the Face of Australia lip quench lipstick in pink champagne. It's such a pretty colour and the formular is like butter but so pigmented.

The lipsticks have shea butter and johoba oil mixed into the lipstick which conditions the lips and helps keep the colour on.

The finish of these colours are intense, pigmented, yet creamy and smooth, they last a good couple of hours without needing to touch up, and best of all they don't cling to any dry patches, and soothes sore dry lips, if any of you are like me having chronic dry lips you'll be happy about this!

 The colour is muted however its strong after a couple of wipes. It glides on effortlessly and wears well throughout the time on the lips. No drying, no feathering.
 I am just in love with this colour, it reminds me of fairy floss, or cotton candy, and its such a great every day colour.
 The packaging is sleek, and standard, and for $9.99 a great all round price, for a great all round product.
have you used any of these lipsticks yet from Face of Australia?

Hugs Jess

Thursday, August 20, 2015

nature can be cruel

Hi loves! today I have a sad but also surrreal story to tell, I was walking home, and it was a lovely sunny afternnoon. I'd just finished my shift at work and was just making my way back after picking up some groceries. I stumbled upon a possum that had been presumably hit by a car, she was dying, there was sadly nothing I could have done for her, and she took her last gasp as I arrived. Knowing her death was recent, I took a closer look, her pouch moved!

Luckily I had because three new born possums were in her pouch and were still alive! I was close to home so I scooped them up and raced home. Once home I called my friend Shelley because I don't drive and needed to get them to a vet to get them to warmth and actual care, I'm not experienced with possums.

possum vlog

The vet said they would try but because they were only approx about 2 days old there wasn't much chance, I'm going to call up in a day to see what's happened, lets wish these little possums luck!

any experiences like this?

hugs Jess

Sunday, August 16, 2015

300 subscriber face of Australia give away

I am hosting my first ever give away! details in this video face of australia give away

To enter you must be a subscriber 
be 16 years or or older or with parents permission
be active on my channel and social media 
let me know why you want to win! 
follow me on my social media links in my youtube description
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Runs for 2 weeks, until the 31st of August 2015 

extra entries for following social media, my blog etc
!! thank you all for 300 subscribers

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fragrance reviews my top three Rhiana, Taylor Swift and Choose Chichi

Hello lovelies! today on this relaxing Sunday morning I am coming at you with three of my favourite scents that I have been rotating as of late.

The three I have been using this past couple of months are all very different in scents, styles and prices. They are Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Choose Chi Chi Eau De Parfum in Peach and Mango, and Rhiana Rebelle.
Looking at the bottles you might think that Rhiana or Taylor Swift was the most expensive out of the lot. However I paid only $20 for the Wonderstruck perfume when Priceline was having a perfume sale. I paid $8 for the Rhiana bottle and $10 for the Choose chichi one because it was in a gift set of body lotion and shower gel, and it was on clearance at Target, perfume bottles alone by Chichi cost $19.

I have been getting into perfumes as of late and have a growing collection, however these three are lovely for different occasions. Rhiana was launched in 2012, She has been an up and coming favourite in the fragrance world, choosing many different scents, notes, undertones and styles to accompany the amazingly well styled bottles.

According to my research Rebelle was Rhiana's second fragrance, an exotic scent that lingers, and is inspired by her heritage, her Barbadian heritage.

An addictive, sensual fragrance, one that I adore because over time it warms up on the skin and changes.

Taylor Swift, wonderlust I fell in love with because at the time of it launching I fell in love with Taylor Swifts music, Shake it off. I love wearing this going out on special occasions. The bottle is stunning, a strong holographic purple with changes in tones of blues and darker mauves. Three charms, and a very nice font on the front. The scent is sweet, showing off Vanilla, Raspberry, and apple blossom scents. I love wearing this every day and to change it up with the Choose ChiChi peach and Mango perfume.

I love this scent, its a fab all rounder that is better than a body spray, layered with the body gel and lotion it lasts all day, it even lasts on its own. Last Christmas I was given a box of organic mango's and after smelling them I was wanting a perfume that smelled just as good and this one delivered, more mango than peach which I was thrilled about.

What perfumes have you been trying? anything I need to look out for? have you used these?
hugs Jess

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rimmel london bb cream radiance

Hi lovelies, I am wanting to share with you my latest obsession from Rimmel London, and that is their bbcream in radiance, I got the shade light, even though there are meant to be three shades, very light, light and medium, I could only see light or medium, but this is my perfect shade and I'll show you how it works so well.

I paid just under $10 for this at Coles and was rather hesitant in trying another bb cream because on my skin they don't always turn out so well. But let me tell you I was pleasantly proven otherwise with this product!

 It claims to do 9 things, which I'm sure you have all heard of by now but let me show you proof of how well it works. My skin before just after cleansing, toning and moisturising, and then after with the bb cream and a simple make up look for the day.
It feels so nice on the skin! usually my skin feels dry after applying foundation but this being a bb cream actually soothes. I love how natural it looks as well, and the coverage is pretty decent too, very buildable.

Have you been using this?
hugs Jess

Thursday, August 13, 2015

skin care, facial and body oils drugstore and cruelty free brands

Hello all! I am shopping my bathroom stash on skin care at the moment, and am showing you lovelies, the oils I often used to treat my skin, when it is sorely in need of a moisture boost.

I love rosehip oil, and have really found it to work great on my old acne scars! it clears the redness, and clarifies the skin making it feel smooth, soft and plush. Thursday plantation retails for $16 AUD however I got mine on sale at coles for $12. 

It's non greasy, absorbs well into the skin, I used it as a night time treatment and in the morning my skin has less redness, and looks healthier, 

In Essence is such a lovely brand, this is a body oil but its also safe to use on the face, Rose oil has so many health benefits for the skin. A gorgeous oil that is quick to absorb, smells divine and in a really big bottle. Perfect for winter skin relief, and this one is a limited edition from In Essence. Cruelty free and Australian made.

This oil is one that has really surprised me, I love the scent, some don't like it but I do. I purchased from Coles ages ago when in an introductory offer and I paid $10 for it. Palmers always do great skin care products. I love the packaging, the bottle is classy, and the eye dropper it comes with very handy. It feels very lux. Its heavier then the other two oils, but still non greasy, and I use it at night to give it time to absorb into my skin.

What oils have you been loving?
Hugs Jess

rental inspections?

I love being a sticky beak and when my friend told me to come and inspect houses with her to rent I couldn't say no! are any of you like me? I love poking into the unknown lol some give me the biggest inspirations. And sometimes free food! lol

 Look at these retro tiles! I love them, I  basically begged my girlfriend to move into this place because of the tiles it reminded me of my nans kitchen so much.

This one to me seems ultra mod and glam, not me at all, but I still like it!!  I rather liked the cleanness of it/ The easy way to make a special thing into ultra glam!
let me know what you do to make your kitchens special?

hugs Jess

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Australis long wear lipstick first impressions in Easy chic nude lipstick

Hello lovelies! today I have an amazing Australian product, that I don't think has had much talk about lately. I'm pretty keen to show you this shade of lipstick, by Australis, because they are a cruelty free brand and are one of the top movers in the make up world.

 This is the Australis go long, long wear lipstick in the shade easy chic, I am in love with this shade! its actually a great dupe for a couple of nudes that are so popular right now. Aka Celebrity skin
 It is extremely matte but not at all drying on the lips, lasts a good 6 hours and is so pigmented and creamy.

I wore this look yesterday to work and am so impressed with the formula of this lipstick! its left my lips very smooth.

What have you been wearing lately?
Hugs Jess

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Japanese candy time!

Hi lovelies, today I have an interesting food related post! its Japanese candy called Umaibo and its puffed corn snack in different flavours, I had 8 flavours, I purchased from Daiso in the city when I went on Saturday to see my friend Mel.

 I paid $2:80 for 10 of them, and they were actually very interesting flavours, from the taste and some of the pictures I could work it out but I can't read Japanese. Umai is mostly translated into Tasty. Which generally describes these puffed snacks well. Bo means stick in Japanese, so Umai Bo when translated is Tasty stick lol.
 A corn based tube that is full of different flavouring powders to give them each a different and unique taste. The Salami one was interesting, that's the first yellow one that's been open,  it smelled more of salami than tasting of it.

My favourite one was the salad one, and the chocolate one,

have you tried these?
let me know!
hugs Jess

Lush soaps Bohemian Soap review

 Hi lovelies today I have a review of one of Lush's most popular soaps! Fresh, citrus, zing, wake me up clean! this soap, is so invigorating! I have been using it this week and haven't even needed to use lotion after, thats because it has two really important oils in it, rapeseed oil and coconut oil.
 If you don't like the lemon fresh scent in general you will not like this soap however if you do like strong scents like these, you will be in for a treat.
 It not only smells nice, but its also appealing on the eyes, see what I did there? a peal ing heehee, lemon and all that. But yes one of my favourite soaps at the moment from Lush.

 Nice lather, nourishes the skin, excellent scent, that lingers, but not just that I wa shed my hair with it because I'd run out of shampoo and conditioner, and its left it shiny, and soft!

Loving lush products at the moment, what are your favourites from lush?

Hugs Jess

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