Sunday, February 22, 2015

Haul! Australian brands, Cruelty free, bath products and thrifted items

Hello lovelies! I didn't mean to leave you in the lurch for so long but with hot weather, work and not feeling very well it doesn't leave me for being in a writing mood on my little blog and I don't want it to be a whinging platform so I'm back after a few days grace. Hope you can forgive me! I know we can all have days like that.

But I wanted to show you some products I have been purchasing lately as I again have been shopping as when I am stressed, I go shopping, its my thing to do when I'm stressed and or just not feeling right in myself. I thin us women are wired in that sense lol. Not to sound sexist of course.

First up I bought some thrifted items because I felt the need haha I purchased these three books as I feel the need to read at the moment. Stephen King was a big part of my life when I was younger and I hadn't actually read these and thought it looked good! $2 each.
 I didn't actually get this, its actually at my thrift shop that I work at and its still on the wall, if its still there when I go back tomorrow should I get it?

 I got my partner to buy this on ebay because the author actualy sadly passed away I think a couple of weeks ago. And its meant to be a classic and I haven't read it, its one year younger than my age and I'm thirty years old!

So here's the make up haul, at Kmart they were clearing out face of Australia big time, which was good but mkes me sad at the same time. They had products starting from $3. I purchased multiple items. I bought the blush in nutmeg, mineral therapy foundation powder in light, lip crayon in raspberry coulis, quench lipstick in forbidden fruit, and maybelline electro pop in oh orange as I am obsessed with these lip balms for some reason! I got them from my chemist for $1.88 and I also got the bys contour kit in the shade sweet which suits me perfectly, by the way the blush is super pigmented! for under $6 you need it in your life, the contour shade suits my very fair skin amazingly. The video where I try it you can view here.

my contour first impressions
next is the designer brands products I purchased, I got these clearance sale, and I love a CLEARANCE sale. the eye shadow pallet is amazing, I paid $8.00 for it. It's the urban sultry and silky pallet I think from memory lol. And the lipgloss is the Passionate plum lavish lipgloss and it was $4. Now hold the phone! I had no idea db did bath products! and this was on clearance to $3.50 and I can't find any info on it online. But its the mint burst body scrub and its amazing.

The best thing about db is that they have recently been accredited and and are not tested on animals! woohoo

like these items? what do you like? comment below
hugs Jess

Sunday, February 15, 2015

my unofficial guide to Instagram and cats taking over the web

Hello lovelies! today I am writing a little wee guide that is very unofficial on how to create an instagram account and get instagram famous. What is instagram famous? and why would you bother? well basically its getting as many followers as possible as well as likes on your photos and comments as well. I have found there is a pattern on instageram, people tend to like cats, a lot. Which is great for me as I am a crazy cat lady and love sharing pics of my cat Krissy. But fear not if you don't have your own cat to take selfies with... here's how to get started! Why would you  bother?  because its a fun, rather addicting hobby that will slowly take over your life.

and of course my cat Krissy 

Sign up and choose an intriguing name. My name on instagram is jessicacookbirds, its not interesting but people tend to remember it better. Choose a punchy, punch line of yourself for your profile. Cat's, cats, its all about cats, and oh don't forget the cats, could be one of them!
But change it up to suit you and your personality. You will need a profil pic, make it interesting! make it pop, make it say I'm having a fantastic, and interesting and never ending social life (even if we're not)

I post make up and thrifted stuff I find

So then what do you do? we post pics, add hash tags toget the most views. Hash tags are #cats #food the things with that cross symbol. Put as many as you can relating to the topic of that photo and I even ram in some random ones just for the sake of it, it helps to spread into the feed more.

Also make friends on instagram, find those that are interested in similar things, comment and get to know them.

It cracks me up trying to be a fashion poser

But most of all have fun! and lets watch the cats take over the world!
If you liked this post then please comment, share me your intagram account and lets follow each other! I'm @jessicacookbirds

hugs Jess

Thursday, February 12, 2015

top five thrifted Valentines day gift ideas

Hi lovelies! for us in Australia, there is only one day left until Valentines day, and I thought I'd do a quick post with what you can spoil your loved ones with, be it friends or romantic, and still be super cheap! cheap you say? yup, I buy most gifts from opshops. And no it isn't as terrible as it sounds because if you are on the hunt you can find some wonderful gifts! new things come in, and original ideas can crop up if you are feeling clever.

So without further ado here are my top five thrifted Valentines day gift ideas.

I got the teddy bear as my girlfriend collects teddy bears and I knew she'd love this one, $2

 This owl key ring is adorable! pink and girlie and my friend loves owls, so it will look so cute in her collection. .50cents

My friend has a young daughter and I thought I'd get something for her as well, she loves pinks and hearts and when I saw this bracelet I thought she'd adore it. $1

Another little cat ornament! its a china basket and I thought I'd fill it with candy for a sweet touch, I paid $2 for this one.
 I know this mug came from a gift ware store originally and was $7, it was from typo and at the thrift shop I paid $1 for it. I think my cat loving friend will adore this!

so not a bad little haul for a thrifted Valentines day gift round up!

what have you been buying?
leave me a comment!


My week in pictures featuring Urban decay Vice pallet

Hello lovelies, thought I'd share with you my week in pictures tonight. Tomorrow I am at the opshop I work at (thrift shop) and will be quite busy might get some inspiration to get some clothing/fashion pics.

I played with Nessie, she's my first ever pet parrot and is very special to me! I just love this snuggle bum.

 Got the best chicken dinner in town, this chicken is addictive!

 Picked up some thrifted notebooks for school in Disney Princess themed! I love them only $1 each.

 Wassuper excited that my Urban decay Vice pallet arrived finally! I haven't even used it yet, its just stunning to look at.
 Spent time in the garden and found these pretty flowers.

What have you all been up to? leave a comment!
hugs Jess

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thrifted charity shop valentines day ideas to spoil your loved ones, whoever they are! make it your valentines day

Hello lovelies! I guess you all know about the rather romantic...

day ahead of us? well if you didn't its Valentines day. I am not typically a romantic gal at heart and my hubby and I actually don't really do much apart from give each other a card, and a special hug. However I wanted to share with you some affordable ways you could celebrate Valentines day or any day with your loved ones, whoever they may be!

I shared a lovely brunch with my hubby,at a favourite cafe of ours, at a very affordable price of $15 each.

I also picked up some Valentines day cards from my opshop that I work at, for 50cents!

Valentines day needn't be expensive or a chore, make it yours!

hugs Jess

Monday, February 9, 2015

a day out at Dromana beach

Hello lovelies, I just wanted to do a post about my day at the beach yesterday, whilst it was lovely, hubby and I both got very sunburnt and are looking rather lobsterish at the moment. Him more than me, I mainly got sunburnt on my back and back of legs, he got it pretty much everywhere. But we enjoyed the afternoon at Dromana beach.

 So we get there about 1pm and are starving so we go to the Fish n Chip's shop and I get a steak sandwhich as that is what my go to is when we go out like this.
 The weather started over cast however really warmed up, so much so we are now paying for it!

 The beach was just as lovely as I had remembered it because I had used to live there when I was 14, and it had been ages since I'd been down at the beach.

Hubby had snuck this photo in before I got sunburnt,

 Even the life guards were out and about.

even without make up I love this pic cause I'm happy, it was such a refreshing little holiday.

Hugs Happy Monday,

Saturday, February 7, 2015

my week in pictures my galah, rainbow lorikeet and cat

Hello lovelies, gosh what a busy week, school has started back and I am studying Legal studies and Health and human development so they should keep me out of trouble, but I've had some health issues which is why I've been a little bit quiet here, however I have been op shopping (thrift shopping) and wanted to show you some of my finds as well as show you my week in pictures!

 I always love playing with this guy! his name is Matty and he is a Galah (rosie breasted cockatoo) and do you notice anything different about my eye balls?

 I had coffee with Sally my bestie and we had a great old chin wag,
 This photo makes me look terribly short but she was standing on something.
 Gave some smoochies to my girl Krissy,

 Picked up this super cute necklaces, my mother in law calls me Princess or Queenie as my nicknames.

Thought this rabbit frame was adorable, its handmade
 Bought a fake gucci bag or as I like to call them fucci! lol I only paid $3 for this bag,
 Had a visit from a kookaburra in my yard,
 And hung out with Sarah my rainbow lorikeet,
 And the big secret that really isn't a secret is that I had to get prescription glasses, and these were the pair I picked out and I love them, this was the photo I took when I first got them a week ago.
Shall we end with some Crocheting and chocolate biscuits?

how has your week been? would love to know! leave me a comment
hugs Jess

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