Wednesday, December 31, 2014

diy get smooth feet, brighter complexion, smaller pores with one product!

Hello lovelies, I hope you are celebrating or have celebrated nye well, I celebrated last night at home with my partner and his brother. We watched cricket and then the boys watched some wrestling that they had recorded. It was a very low key event. I had spent my evening drinking a lovely drop of shiraz and was on youtube and what not on the internet.

So today I am showing you my trick for getting lovely softened feet! what better way to kick start the new year? get it? kick start heehee.

Pampering myself is a newish thing I used to do it a lot when I was younger but slipped out of the habit. But now I'm getting into it again and am loving diy natural and cheaper ways of doing it so I can do it more often.

So you will only need two things for this!

Greek style yoghurt, I'm using the woolworths select brand however you can use any brand you would like. 

And plastic bags, you can also use plastic wrap but I actually find that plastic bags are actually easier in covering the feet. Not attractive but oh well. The things we do! start off with clean feet, and then layer on the yoghurt on the souls of your feet or where ever the crusty and dry bits are. Place feet into bags or wrap plastic wrap around feet, secure and wait an hour. Wash off with warm water, exfoliate with a sugar scrub, I mix a good amount of rawr sugar with honey. You could also use a coffee scrub made from ground coffee beans. Wash off, and then apply lotion.

Why Greek style yoghurt is good for the skin, helps to promote moisture in the skin, improves skin elasticity, brightens the skin. It contains lactic acid, which is proven to help smooth rough, dry skin as well as premature wrinkles. You can actually use this anywhere pretty much on your body, on the face it clears acne, closes pores, and brightens. It's pretty much my go to wonder product.

what are you pampering yourself with lately? I'd love to know!
hugs and happy new year

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

spending time with my nanna shopping and movie day in pics

Hello lovelies, today is just a brief post about my day as I've spent it with my nanna, she took me shopping and to the movies so it was nice having some bonding time with her as I don't get to have one on one time with her. We saw the movie St Vincent, Bill Murray played a really interesting and fab role in the movie. It wasn't a happy movie, I found it a bit sad because it did remind me of someone in real life who passed away this year, so it was a bit too real for me. But I can still appreciate the movie.

My nanna is a lovely and clever hard working lady, at 82 years old she still works part time doing house work to earn some extra money and to keep her active. I think that is amazing.

But we went shopping and my nan bought me a lovely skirt and top from Black pepper, I need to get pics of them as they both are really lovely. I also went to Target.

My outfit of the day.
 we nommed on left overs from Christmas, love Christmas left over grazing!

 I still think my nan makes the best cups of tea!
my Essence purchases I got the Wave goddess highlighter
                                             the wave goddess soft touch eye shadow,

 tinted lip balm, and my gosh these are seriously pigmented! I'm wearing it in the below pic!
not too many pics as I wanted to enjoy the day however there are a couple.

Have you been enjoying time with your family?
hugs Jess

Monday, December 29, 2014

December Favourites, Stila, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bare minerals

Hello all I thought that I would do a December favourites post before the end of December hits us! which is very soon! I've been trying out so many products, mainly due to my lovely friend Angie who sent me a truck load of make up and goodies and out of which I already have a few favourites that I keep reaching for.

Bare minerals is fast becoming one of my favourite foundations, I'd never used them before this and I seriously love the finish it gives. I have I think the full range in this, glow, radiance, fairly light and original.

 Lush shampoo bar the new bar, I love the smell of this with the clove in it, it is lurvely!
 my eos collection! is slowly taking over my vanity but I love these lipbalms as these are really very good.
 When I don't want the hassle of a powder foundation I use stilla one step foundation which I'm starting to use more.
I have also started using perfume! I'm using Dawn by Sarah Jessica Parker and the scent is rather lovely.

Hope you enjoyed my December favourites
hugs Jess

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lancome lipsticks I'm addicted to

Hello lovelies, and I do hope you all had a fab Christmas and holiday period. I cannot believe its nearing the end of 2014 already!  I have to admit, I have a lipstik problem! I'll show you my latest problem because I have a growing collection. I have at the moment at least 30 lip products so these that I have in the next picture aren't even all of them.

 I was actually gifted a lot of these by my generous friend, Angie as she was going through her make up. So she's actually sparked my addiction in lipstick because before that I had probably only five lipsticks in my collection. And yes I have actually since, gone out to purchase lipsticks!! I know its terrible. But once fallen down the rabbit hole, its very hard to get out again isn't it?

 These four are my most worn lipsticks in the bunch so far, I've only had the lipsticks for about a month though.So we'll see what happens through out time. Lancome, Physicians formula, Sonia Kashuk and Stila.
 These two however are my to die for shades that are so well worn lately that I just can't seem to get enough of them. Sonia Kashuk,  and Lancome. I had never tried either brands before so these were very exciting. The Sonia Kashuk one is a limited edition one I believe. The Sonia Kashuk shade I believe from what I can work out is  red lip matte. And the Lancome shade is coquette. Both are lovely shades that I'm addicted to wearing.

I love the packaging on both but especially the lancome because it has that little magnetic snap and the gold and black, it makes me feel very fancy.

What lipsticks are you addicted to? would love to know!

hugs Jess

Friday, December 26, 2014

Things I am going to do or change in 2015 a promise to myself

So its a running joke in my family that I can't make jello, it never turns out right. So for things in 2015 that I aspire to do here are a few interesting or funny things that are on my 2015 bucket list

Learn how to make jello
yup I need to conquer this, and not be the butt of my family's well meaning jokes 
I will do this! 

Not be afraid of contact lenses 
they scare the heck out of me! I don't like the thought of things going near my eye ball, I've never worn them but I am going to in 2015, even just once! 

Wear eye lashes, I've never, ever worn eye lashes! they kinda freak me out because they remind me of spiders legs, however I'm going to try, just once... maybe. 

Learn Tumblr and Twitter more effectively 
I admit that on both platforms I am a newbie and am learning how to tag and use these places for my blog and youtube channel. 

I will get into a good kitchen cleaning habit
I am the laziest when it comes to cleaning my kitchen, and its not even that big, its a small compact kitchen however I hate cleaning it. But I despise it more when its dirty come time to cooking. I will get into a routine! 

I will stop buying useless items
we all fall into this pattern, it makes us feel good, we like to spoil ourselves with the justification that it didn't cost much. But it does add up. I'm trying to save so I'm hoping this will help my saving next year! 

what are your plans for 2015 that you are going to change
hugs Jess

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Milani, Elf, Essencea and W7 haul

Hello everyone, on this lovely mellow Boxing Day, that's what we call the day after Christmas day in Australia for those that don't know. Anyways I have something a wee bit different for you all, a make up haul. However I'm presenting it to you via youtube.

So I hope you like this make up haul, please go over to my youtube channel and give it some love as I would really appreciate it. Also you can find me on Instagram and Twitter.
Please subscribe and share and like as it would so help a newbie out!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Designer brands luscious lipsticks review

Hello there lovelies, on this Christmas day edition! its Christmas already for us in Australia and its dawned a lovely sunny day. But it hasn't stopped me from donning a Winter themed vampy make up look! I've been loving these looks so much lately.

I've got another Designer Brands lipstick to show you! as I said yesterday here in this blog review designer brands perfect pink lipstick review I have a few of these lipsticks now and I tell you what, I am super impressed! so much so I'm already anticipating more purchases!

I'll get on with the review.
 The packaging is very different to the Eternal Colour range, a little cheap looking, in an acrylic barrel, in my opinion however its still a fantastic lipstick. This shade is Cabernet and its a lovely deep plum/wine colour. And I'm obsessed with the formulation of these lipsticks! This range of lipstick from Designer Brands is the luscious lipstick, I also have it in Red hot red.
 In different lights it can look almost mauve however on the lips its a lot darker and I think very attractive and pretty. They last a long time too, have Aloe vera in the formula and have 18 shades in the line.
 a very affordable lipstick with long lasting wear that doesn't bleed or feather out and its very easy to apply, even the darker shades.

 This is my vampy holiday inspired make up I did with this lipstick for today, I think it turned out quite nice.
What lipsticks are you obsessed with? tried these?
Happy holidays 

Designer Brand Eternal Colour Perfect Pink Review

Hello again there lovelies! today I purchased a couple of things from Designer Brands as I was filling out a script at the chemist, because if I purchased 3 things I got a free gift. Well I saw that they had 50% off certain things so I got three new lipsticks. I believe they were $4.99 each with the half off price.So I think that's a pretty good price tag for a drug store branded lipstick. I've been wearing it all afternoon and I gotta say, that already I am impressed!

First off the colour, its lovely, especially for a pink because normally I steer clear of pinks, however this is right up my ally as it is a cool toned pink. It's called Perfect Pink. And it was one of the free items that came in the box of goodies.

A rich, full and intense pink with a cool undertone that is unique and lovely, a rarity in my collection of berries and jewel tone lipsticks!

 The colour is truly lovely, I really think it brightens up my whole complexion and I think for its bargain price you can't go wrong. The name of this range of lipstick in Designer brand is Eternal Colour and my gosh these are pigmented. You will not be disappointed with these lipsticks one little bit.
 They are a dream to apply because they are a really creamy formulation which I love in a lipstick as I hate the tugging sensation that some can cause. They actually leave my lips feeling conditioned which is a rarity in lipsticks. These lipsticks have Vitamin E in them so no wonder they feel like they nourish the lips so well.
 The swatch itself was easy to apply, no double swatching needed to get the pigment to show up. I really love this almost a fuschia colour.
 The packaging is sleek, tightly made so it doesn't feel like it will come apart and make a horrible mess in your handbag which is another rarity with the cheaper lipstick brands. So Designer brands have really amped up the game I think.

 The lipstick has lasted me about 4 hours without needing to retouch it, so I'm so glad I have a couple of these now. I'll certainly be picking up a few more shades whilst the sale is happening. Also note how funny is it that the pink pretty much matches the roses my hubby surprised me with today? wasn't that sweet?
What are your thoughts on Designer Brand products or their lipsticks? have you tried them?
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A cover how to make gravy

Hello lovelies today I was watching a lovely busker at my local shops and I chatted with him afterwards. I've uploaded it to my channel so I hope you enjoy this video! its a classic Australian cover performed by Sean.

I do enjoy getting to know local entertainers, I've called this little segment on my channel Melbourne music minutes presents. It showcases some local talents that I stumble across. This is a Christmassy themed song however a bit sad. But I do hope you enjoy this talented man's version of a classic by Paul Kelly. How to make gravy.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Savvy by db lipstick Marilyn Munroe

Hello lovelies, today I have a review of the lipsticks from Savvy by Db and these are the matte ones, the shade I got was Marilyn Munroe and my gosh its a stunner of a colour.

 these last very well however are very drying, but the pigmentation is very good in these. For $7.99 I think their a very good value lipstick.
 they last for about six hours without me needing to touch up again which I think is pretty good.
 The packaging is a standard lip gloss tube with a doe foot applicator and I think it does make it easier to apply this kind of product.
This is what it looks like, because it was somewhat drying I did add a clear gloss but its such a pretty colour.

Let me know what you have tried out

Friday, December 19, 2014

thrifting, shopping in Belgrave and vintage hat shopping day in pics

hello my lovelies! yesterday was my graduation and I took a load of pics of me and Sally shopping beforehand. I checked out opshops, had macaroons for the first time and had coffee of course cause that is a must.

 my outfit of the day, I'm wearing an all thrifted outfit, I love my cardigan.
 Maaroons are delish my new favourite thing! I got strawberry, coffee and mint flavoured.
 trying on vintage hats in Belgrave/Melbourne

 my graduation make up
 loved this lounge I saw at the Salvo's! hardly appropriate for where I live but I would have got it f I could have heehee.

and I purchased this Hello kitty bag cause I collect hello Kitty!

hope you enjoyed the day in pics what have you been up to?
hugs Jess

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