Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Retail therapy mini haul

Hello all! since today was my first huge exam and I was nervous I did a bit of pre exam retail therapy. I hopped into priceline and Kmart yesterday. Not really expecting to buy much. But Kmart has a new line of make up called Xo and its only $2. I love their eye shadow sticks! and their lip crayons.

 Sadly the xo products do not have shades on them, but they are very pigmented, last
all day and don't crease what so ever. I have really been enjoying them. The first one I got was the middle brown one.

 Then I got to Priceline and picked up two of Savvy by Db lipsticks for $3 I got Dark Raspberry and Dark plum. I'm in love with both. I feel rather gothy in Dark plum but I think I can pull it off. This was as neat as I could pull it off. I was exhausted tonight. This lipstick is such a vampy lovely shade I just had to have it, similar to Australis, grunge I think it wears better though.
They are both super creamy, pigmented and last a good while  They don't transfer that much and seem to feel nice on the lips. They are a semi matte finish which I like. They have a little gloss to them but not a lot.

So for my $9 I'm rather happy

What have you been buying?
Hugs Jess

Friday, October 24, 2014

New make up range $2 at Kmart

Hello all! today I have a quick show and tell and I'm impressed to say Kmart has brought out a new make up line called OXX. For only $2 you can buy eye liner, mascara, eye shadow quads, lip crayons, lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks, cream cheek blushes, and nailpolishes! I purchased a couple of items but am showing the eye shadow I purchased. I was surprised to see that they are so pigmented and matte. They actually feel like Wet n Wild eye shadows going on the lid. I tried the white one as a base, and its super pigmented, no fall out!

 They don't have names for the shades, but they are super nice quality, I was actually really surprised! I got this one because I liked the look of how matte it was.
 I also picked up an eye shadow crayon, a lip crayon and a eye liner. Excuse the eye liner swatch heehee. The packaging is nice and sturdy, not too cheap looking either which I was surprised about! I will be looking forward to trying out other products!
what cheap products have you tried lately?

Hugs Jess

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heel balm, lemongrass and lime!

Hello all today I have a quick show and tell of a great product I have been loving to use lately, but please do excuse the packaging, I've had it for awhile, and its been well loved.
 This product is the Pure simplicity, Hell balm, lemongrass and lime. Hydrating balm to restore rough, dry, cracked heels and feet. Oh my gosh this stuff smells amazing! No Parabens, no pegs, no sles, and its so thick and creamy1
 I've really noticed a difference in my feet and my hands after using this product so really I think it could be used anywhere that its safe to do so on the body.
 That is how thick it is, it literally just stays on the hands. Doesn't take long to absorb at all and isn't greasy. I noticed a difference in my skin within a couple of days of using it.

Have you heard of this brand? 
hugs Jess

Monday, October 20, 2014

A tropical eye shadow look what's on my face Tuesday

Hello all! long time no see, I've been unwell and have also been busy with school, and stuff has been going on however I am back! I wasn't wearing any make up for a few weeks because I'd gotten very lazy.Today was the first time in ages I'd worn any and I was playing around with colours. Not really an every day look but I was told it was pretty by a good friend of mine.

 The products I used were the Chichi Rich gems eye shadow, Rimmel London matte mousse foundation, Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner, Rimmel London's Scandaleyes mascara, Kmart brand lipstick in magenta, Nyx eye shadow in lust.

 these are the two shades I used in my crease from the chi chi eye shadow,
then on my lid I used this shade from the nyx eye shadow.

As I said, something very different for me, it looks somewhat summery like and I love how well the colours blended.
What have you been using?

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