Monday, March 31, 2014

Essence sun club eye shadow

Today I have to show you an eye shadow pallet that I am in love with! the Essence sun club glamour to go in Long Beach.

These shades are so easy to blend. I used this in today's school look. The eye shadow is very good quality without much fall out at all. Quite well milled and very affordable.

 8 really pretty gradient colors. I have been using the second one on top left a lot with the one next to it on the right.

I think the shades are very wearable.I find Essence eye shadows to be lovely and not at all chalky. The
packaging its in isn't too cheap and seems secure enough to put in your bag and go without worrying about it crumbling all over the place.

I think for the price its a great quality and nify little compact to have, you get quite a bit of product and it does seem to last quite awhile as I've had mine for awhile now. I've lost the little applicator it came with however.

I think it was priced at around $5.70 so a pretty good budget price for Australia products without going cheap and nasty.

You can't go wrong with these shades as they ,are all very pigmented and would suit most skin tones from very fair to quite dark.

Happy Monday

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Australis Colour inject Lipstick in Grunge review

 This little lipstick has by far got to be the darkest lipstick I own, I bought it when I saw a sale on at Priceline a few months ago after seeing it at full price at Kmart for $12.99 I think I ended up paying $8 for it. It's a very pretty plum color. I like applying it using the Korean technique because I'm still not used to wearing it full on as yet.

Its not the most moisturising lipstick I have ever owned but by applying balm before helps with that problem. It tugs a little on the lips but it doesn't feather out and bleed. I think for the price its a good lipstick and a unique color for Fall/Autumn which it is for us Aussies now.

 It almost looks black here.
 But here you can see the plum shade that is and I love it when I'm in a dark make up mood which I was today.
 I do love that you can build the color up so over all I am happy with this lippy!

I give this lipstick a rating of 8-10 hearts

What's your favourite color you are wearing?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

easy every day make up

I have been wearing these items a lot lately for my every day kind of make up look that I've been playing around with. I've been using the Orallife peppermint flavored lip treatment which is really lovely, bought from my chemist for about $7.  I've also been loving the eye liner which is from Priceline, Savvy ink black for $3, the Maybelline age rewind eraser dark circle for $14 as it was half off from Coles the other week I used it as my foundation. Covergirl intesnse shadow blast in 805 as I bought it for approx $4 from Coles also. And the Australis cream eye shadow due in boys and berries which I picked up from Kmart for $2. I also am wearing the Maybelline Falsies macara which I think I picked up from Coles for approx $10.

Garnier pure naturals moisture match skin care review

Hello all! I'm reviewing the new skin care range from Garnier! I bought it last week from Coles when I was out shopping. The Garnier pure naturals that came with the moisture match creams.

 I chose the light illuminating lotion because of the illuminating qualities. However this cream does nothing in the way of moisture retention! I do however use it like a primer before I put foundation on. So it is good for something and I do get a nice dewy glow. This week I will be purchasing a different lotion though.

I love this scrub! again I bought it for its radiance boosting powers and its really nice! I love how clean my skin feels without being over dry or pinched feeling afterwards. I also really love the scent.
I bought this because I needed a new cleanser and I wanted to try a pore refining one and I do believe its working. I love the scent, and it cleans well. It gives a gentle calming lather that I quite like. 

Over all I give these products a 8 out of 10 I'm happy with the last two but not the first. I bought these when they were on special priced in between $6.99 and $8.99 Aud. 

What skin care are you using?

Happy Wednesday 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blush and cheek products

These lovely items I have been using as of late and have really been enjoying using them as well! I've never been a blush girl before because I've always had red naturally on my cheeks anyways. But I have started collecting some blush and cheek products and these are what they include.

 They are all lovely and blendable and useable even for me who has naturally rosy cheeks but when I put foundation on I find I need a bit of color.

The only cons I can think of for the Australis lip and cheek tint is that the tint tastes horrible on the lips but it doesn't linger.

Swatches, from left to right Australis blush in rosy cheeks, Bys blush in pretty in pink, Australis lip and cheek perfection tint in portrait pink, and Revlon's Photoready Skinlights face illumninator in 200 pink light.

What blush and cheek products have you been using?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maybelline Fit me shine free foundation stick first impressions

Hello lovelies! yesterday in shopping I picked up the new maybelline fit me stick foundation, I was actually really excited because I had never seen anything like this before. I purchased shade 115 which is called Ivory. First impressions, it goes on really well, has a yellow undertone that I like instead of the usual pink undertone and it blends super easy.

 It's the perfect color for me, blends in like a dream and I'm super thrilled I've bought it.

 The right swatch is one layer, the left swatch is two layers
Have you tried this out yet?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favourite Essence products

My latest post, is sharing some of my favourite Essence product's! These are mainly eye shadows as well as a blush, and a compact powder, (which sadly broke up when I brought it home) but these are some lovely eye shadows which I just can't seem to get enough of.  

The All about matt fixing compact powder is a great powder, translucent and it does actually fix the make up to stay put all day. 

 66 peppermint ice cream shimmer effect love this shade, such a pretty satin look as its not overly shimmery on the eyes.
 08 irresistible vanilla latte, 3d effect a very nice tonal color I use as a base on my lids 

20  Silky touch blush in baby doll, a cute flush of pink on the cheeks
02  Home sweet home eye shadow in light the fire place (looks lovely on not so orange)
03  Home sweet home eye shadow  my home is my castle a very pretty pink
11 Quattro eye shadow in Sea my eyes great complementing colors that you can use for day or night looks, very pretty on.

These products are lovely to use, are inexpensive and great to add for a variety of colors and looks for different make up styles you are going for, they are all very good quality and very cute packaging as well. 

Love these Essence products 

what are your favourites? 


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How I treat my cystic acne

I have been having a break out of cystic acne for the last two weeks, I haven't had one for awhile and I can't quite put my finger on what's started it but its probably hormonal, and  or stress related. I have been using a couple of things that I am loving; that I think is helping the duration of the acne and also helps treat after the acne has gone, aka acne scarring and pigmentation. I get hyper pigmentation so I have to try and make sure I don't pick or scratch which occasionally I do but we're all human right?

First up is the Fair and lovely
 This was approx $5 from my local Indian grocery shop and works well at keeping hyper pigmentation at bay and helps with fading redness as well.
This is quite an expensive little bottle of Rosehip oil, I got it at Coles when shopping as I've read rave reviews about this product. I paid nearly $15 for it. However its great stuff, I use it like an eye cream, and for when my skin is feeling tight and dry. It helps reduce puffiness and makes my skin feel supple and smooth.

 I realize my case of cystic acne isn't as bad as others out there, so I know I am lucky in that regard but when I haven't been used to it, it does get me down and sometimes I don't like the way I look however I know it will pass and eventually heal. The only make up I was wearing in these shots were left over mascara from when I washed my face and a bit of tinted lip gloss.
My hair was being curly today! it never does natural curls so not sure why it was doing that today, but it looks like I put effort into my hair haha.

The third product I use is concealor and it's the Cover girl true match, the lightest one. I don't like to use a lot of foundation when my skin is playing up as I like for it to breath, and heal without getting even more clogged then it has to.

What do you do for your cystic or acne problems?

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Face of Australia mineral therapy review

Hello lovelies, today is a sunny Wednesday morning and I am showing you three lovely Face of Australia products that I am just in love with. I bought these three at Kmart, when they were chucking out a tonnage of make up at silly prices because they were revamping their shelves. Before this I had only one Face Of Australia product, and that was their primer.

 Onto the products! Foa Mineral therapy Illuminator in Angel glow is so pretty to wear, gives a dewy finish and is light weight and easy to apply. I picked up this one for $5.
 The next foa product is the spf 30+ tinted moisturiser in light tint, I'm obsessed with this product because I can wear it like a primer under my foundation or a lone because it has seriously really good coverage! and its better than a bb cream in my opinion because it doesn't create my skin to be an oily hot mess. Now wait for it, I paid $2 for this one! so I snaffled up two of these because I loved it so much so I have a back up woohoo.

 last but not least is the nail polish in blog land I have read so many reviews that have said great things about this polish and I picked up this one again for $2 usually I think it was full price at $7 so that was a good score even though I'm not thrilled about the shade or texture as its that sand like texture that I'm still getting used to but I have it so that's what matters. its Foa carnivale nail polish in my island home.

 swatch of the tinted moisturiser
swatch of the illuminator

over all very happy with this little haul because I paid $12 all up for three full sized products that had nothing wrong with them they weren't marked, discontinued, or anything like that just I happened to be in the right place at the right time to score these bargains.

What are your favorite Face of Australia products?

Happy Wednesday guys

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